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Pilot production
Special Design Bureau "Molnia" is interested in organizing joint ventures and it can ensure the high quality of mounting, assembling and control of products which satisfies the Military Standards. SDB works in conditions of complete cost accounting and selffinancing and uses the various forms of contracts. SDB "Molnia" has a pilot and experimental production which one permits the following mechanical works:

  • metal, lathe tool, welding and machine assembling;
  • making 1-and 2 - side printed circuit boards with 3rd and 4th class of accuracy and dimensions upon 300*400mm · coating circuit boards of protecting polymer mask;
  • coating circuit boards contacts of graphite coats on cooper;
  • galvanic nickel and palladium plating and chemical nickel plating of circuit boards contacts;
  • mounting and assembling of printed boards assemblies, units, cassettes and racks;
  • making the thick-filmed microassemblies with basis dimensions 48х60 mm or multiply, with two-sides location of external outlets and stability tolerance at resistors + 1%;
  • the processing of printed circuit boards outlines of any configuration at drill and miller machine with computer numerical control and high accuracy of products;
  • scribing (uncomplete dividing of materials) with the cut width from 0.03 to 0.08 mm and cut deep from 0.05 to 0.2 mm.
Pilot production makes products in accordance with both client's documentation and own designs. Skilled workers, designers and product engineers will ensure all Yours demands with high quality and in time. SDB "Molnia" will be Your reliable partner in communication devices and equipment designs which corresponds the best world level and SDB always helps You to apply in industry the necessary industrial design products concerning Your abilities.